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Characters are one among the integral parts of Free Fire thanks to the unique abilities that they possess. within the game, the users also can combine the characters’ skills, consisting of 1 active and three passive abilities.

Players look for the simplest combinations to possess the sting over their foes on the battlefield. Recently, within the OB27 World Series update, the skills of several characters were balanced. Chrono, i.e., the in-game persona of Cristiano Ronaldo, received significant nerf.

This article lists the three best character combinations without Chrono in Garena Free Fire.

Alok’s ability, i.e., Drop the Beat, makes him one among the simplest options within the game. It creates a 5m aura, which replenishes 5 HP for 10 seconds and increases the ally movement speed by 15% at the max level.

Meanwhile, the Hacker’s Eye ability of Moco tags the enemy shot for five seconds. Also, the knowledge is shared with the teammates of the users. With every kill, the score ability of Luqueta increases the max HP of the players by 18, up to 35 HP.

Lastly, Dasha’s ability has several benefits. It reduces the recoil, enabling users to land more shots on their foes. It also reduces the autumn damage and therefore the recovery time from falls.


K has one among the unique abilities within the game because it has two different modes, namely, Jiu-Jitsu and Psychology. within the Jiu-Jitsu mode, the allies within the 6m radius receive a huge 500% rise in their EP conversion rate. On the opposite hand, Psychology mode replenishes 2 EP every 2 seconds up to 150 EP. The cooldown between mode changes is three seconds.