How To Get Free Poker MP40 Skin In Free Fire

How To Get Free Poker MP40 Skin In Free Fire


Hello freinds here during this article we are getting to discuss about the famous and favorite gun of all the youtubers yes freinds i’m talking about the gun MP40


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How to get the Poker MP40 in Free Fire

The Poker MP40 can’t be brought directly within the item store, as being a rare cosmetic, players need to spin the Poker MP40 wheel using diamonds. they have to take a position 40 diamonds for one spin, and for five spins, it might be 180 diamonds.The Poker MP40 is out there in four color variants – Flashing Spade (Yellow), Eternal Diamond (Green), Blazing Heart (Red), and Dreamy Club (Blue).

After spinning the wheel, gamers will have several rewards at their disposal. Gun skins, pet food, memory fragments, and more are often obtained via spins. most significantly , for unlocking the Poker MP40 cosmetic, players got to collect Evolution stones and Blueprints of Royal Flash.

When they have procured these two items, players can click on ‘Enter’ to craft the weapon skin. they need to spend seven evolution stones and three blueprints to urge the Flashing Spade Poker MP40 cosmetic.

Similarly, five evolution stones and two blueprints can give players the Eternal Diamond MP40 cosmetic. The Blazing Heart and Dreamy Club versions cost three evolution stones and one blueprint to get .

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