How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire


The Project Cobra update in Free Fire is currently underway, and therefore the much-awaited Cobra Rage bundle made its way into the sport on February 27th.

The bundle will last for an additional seven days as a prize for the Cobra Ascension event. Players cannot directly acquire the bundle with diamonds or gold coins, but they will play this new event to face an opportunity of getting their hands thereon .

This article shares an in depth guide to get this legendary outfit in Free Fire.

A detailed guide to urge the new Legendary Cobra Rage Outfit from the Cobra Ascension event in Free Fire
Players first got to have enough diamonds in their Free Fire accounts to spin the wheel. Once they need enough diamonds, users can follow these steps to get the Legendary Cobra outfit:

  • They need to run Free Fire and await the default loading screen. As soon because the screen opens, they will navigate to the Luck Royale section at the screen’s left-hand side corner.
  • Then they have to tap the Cobra Ascension event.Players can then select their choice of spin. they will spin one at a time or five directly . One spin cost 20 diamonds, and five spins together cost 90 diamonds.
  • After spinning the draw, players may find Legendary Cobra Egg tokens.As they gather these legendary tokens, they gradually intensify the reward meter and stand an opportunity to win the legendary outfit by collecting five egg tokens.


  • However, collecting these tokens is extremely difficult, and players also can draw other rewards present in between the meter if they want to. they will do so if they need 1, 2, 3, or 4 Cobra egg tokens.
  • The legendary Cobra Rage outfit is guaranteed if players collect five Cobra egg tokens. However, players also can collect other rewards by redeeming them with egg tokens. Here are the prizes:




  • Cobra Rage bundle – 5 Legendary Cobra EggCobra Fist – 4 Legendary Cobra EggAK-47 Legendary Cobra – 3 Legendary Cobra EggCobra Flash Avatar – Legendary Cobra EggCobra Flash Banner – 1 Legendary Cobra Egg
    Players can play this event in Free Fire and stand an opportunity to win the legendary bundle before the event ends on March 8th.


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