How to get free character voucher in PUBG Mobile

How to get free character voucher in pubg mobile


By now, it’s well-known that one among the explanations that PUBG Mobile has been ready to cement its player base is thanks to the frequent updates and addition of latest features. The battle royale game offers not only a good array of weapons and skins but also character outfits and characters with special abilities. Speaking of the latter, PUBG Mobile currently has 4 characters.

The Andy character was made available a couple of days back, and costs about 1200 UC. Carlo also costs an equivalent , whereas Sara costs only 600 UC. Victor, meanwhile, are often claimed for free of charge .

Each of those characters has their own special ability.

There is also differently to urge these characters in PUBG Mobile, without spending/by spending lesser UC, which may be a somewhat costly process. These characters are often purchased by using character vouchers, which are usually awarded for completion of a task during any event in PUBG Mobile.

How to get character vouchers for free of charge in PUBG Mobile
Follow the steps given below to urge the character voucher for free of charge in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1 – Click on the workshop and choose the character option.

Step 2 – Select any of the three characters and click on on the video option on the left side of the screen.

Step 3 – After the video ends, the player are going to be rewarded with 10 Character Vouchers; these aren’t much, but having a number of these is best than having none.

Various events in PUBG Mobile reward players with character vouchers; one such event is that the Road Trip event. All the player has got to do is complete all the daily missions.

These ‘Character Vouchers’ are roughly adequate to 1 UC. Players can use them to scale back the UC cost of the character they need to get , just in case they’re unable to accumulate enough of those vouchers to outright purchase the character.

Also, various videos claim that free character vouchers are often collected employing a VPN. However, it’s quite crucial to understand that VPN isn’t allowed, and may have certain repercussions. Hence players should never use VPN.


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