How to unlock the new character Carlo in PUBG mobile? Understand the method of unlocking Carlo by completing missions within the game. Read more to seek out out.


Interesting updates of PUBG mobile keep bringing something new for it it’s players. This time, the 0.17.0 update brought many new things including the Death Replay and revived few old features like Hardcore mode. While players are enjoying the updates, a replacement character called Carlo is stealing the hearts of all the mobile gamers.

Carlo’s features are deadly with a warrior-like hairstyle. Everyone wants to urge an edge on this character. Old players are simply purchasing the character which comes at an inexpensive rate of 1040 UC points. But, true gamers who like to earn the rewards need to win vouchers by winning the cues within the Event mode. The question is, many still have problems understanding the way to win Carlo, so here is the way to unlock Carlo’s character in PUBG mobile.

How to unlock Carlo character in PUBG from missions

Carlo character can only be earned by completing missions a day . The players are assigned new missions daily and therefore the vouchers are given only the missions are completed. to urge the primary clue, a PUBG mobile player has got to share the event with their friends via WhatsApp or Facebook and therefore the second clue is given after the daily mission is completed. Once you earn the clues, go tap “collect” to urge Carlo character vouchers.

The missions are easy yet tricky like travel 1000M in Classic Mode and with each mission that they pass, players get 60 Carlo character vouchers. You get 60 character vouchers per day on PUBG mobile whenever a mission is accomplished. the search to winning the character is merely available till 6th March. So, you’ve got to gather 240 vouchers to get the Carlo character.

This means you’ve got to finish missions daily and earn 60 vouchers to unlock PUBG new character Carlo for free of charge . If you’ve got missed a day’s task, don’t worry, as you’ll still try; however, if you miss out on the prospect , you’ll still play and earn UC points or just purchase them.

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