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Diamonds are one among the in-game currencies of Free Fire. Players can use them to get exclusive items like characters, pets, and more.

However, players need to spend real money to get these diamonds, which isn’t always a feasible option for everybody . In their go after alternative options to urge Free Fire diamonds, players sometimes find fake tools like diamond generators.

Get Hip Hop Bundle Fee Fire

Many websites on the web claim to supply tools which will provide players with unlimited Free Fire diamonds. However, players must note that such tools are all fake and can not work under any circumstances.

Diamonds can’t be obtained via these methods because the in-game currency is stored on the servers of Free Fire. Players can only obtain them by purchasing them within the game or via events.

Using diamond generators is taken into account cheating, and players are advised to avoid using such illegal applications.

Garena features a stringent policy against cheating. The anti-hack FAQ on the official Free Fire website states that players who are found guilty of cheating are going to be permanently banned from the game: