How To Get Free Chrono Character In Free Fire

Get Free Procuring CR7’s Chrono character in Free Fire


Garena Free Fire may be a unique title that gives a horde of characters within the game. The title has quite thirty characters that possess unique skills to assist players on the bottom .

The Factory Challenge is one among the foremost popular custom room challenges in Free Fire, where players tend to possess fistfights or melee fights during a 1v1 battle on the Factory roof. This challenge was made quite popular by famous content creators on YouTube.


Chrono is one among the foremost powerful and strongest characters within the game, while Olivia is one among the earliest characters. this text compares and concludes which one among them is best for the Factory Challenge in Free Fire.

Assessing the skills of Chrono and Olivia in Free Fire

Chrono possesses a lively skill referred to as Time-Turner. At its default stage, this ability generates a field that forestalls opponents from dealing 600 damage. Chrono also can fire from inside the field at opponents.

Chrono’s movement speed increases by 15% when Time-Turner is employed . His allies within the field also see a tenth rise in movement speed. This skill features a 50-second cooldown. When Chrono is maximized, his ability increases significantly.

Olivia, consistent with her in-game summary, is that the chief nurse of a prestigious hospital. She possesses a passive skill referred to as Healing Touch. Olivia’s skill restores 6 extra HP if she revives her allies. As Olivia’s ability increases, she will restore more HP after reviving her allies.

Both Chrono and Olivia are great characters, except for the Factory Challenge, Chrono is much more useful than Olivia.

Olivia’s strength is reviving allies and restoring them with extra HPs. it’s quite beneficial during squad fistfights within the Factory Challenge. Still, as players restore their own HP before fighting again (applying medkit if allowed), the additional 6 HP earned becomes non-significant.

Chrono, on the opposite hand, offers extra movement speed while having fistfights. it’s always an excellent ability to possess , allowing players to realize extra advantage with speedy reflexes during fistfights.


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