Get Free Crazy Bunny MP40 SKIN In Free Fire


Today we’ll tell you about the 5 best weapons of free fire which are very rare inside the Free Fire game which now you rarely get to ascertain in any event today we’ll tell you which of them is that the top 5 most rare weapon in Free Fire game so let me tell you in today’s article.




List of Free Fire Top 5 Most Rare Weapon

1 Blue Flame Draco AK

2 The Viking Bet

3 SEA Hunter Crossbow

4 Crazy Bunny MP40

5 Ultimate Titan Scar

#1 Blue Flame Draco AK

Blue Flame Draco AK may be a rare item in our Free Fire game because it’s a gun, it’s 7 levels so you’ve got to finish its 7 levels as you increase the extent the gun gets updated and becomes more powerful. And his animation also changes.

#2 The Viking Bet

The Viking bet skin isn’t a legendary skin. A bet skin has not are available any event till date and A bet is extremely rare on the Indian server and on other servers also there’s tons of demand for this bet skin. The name is that the Viking isn’t found in any event so bet is taken into account the foremost rare item in Free Fire.

#3 SEA Hunter Crossbow

Free Fire SEA Hunter Crossbow may be a very rare item and it’s very legendary skin because this crossbow’s skin has are available our Free Fire game just one occasion till date then it’s never come inside Free Fire game so it’s very rare is that the skin of SEA Hunter Crossbow and its looking is additionally very cool.

#4 Crazy Bunny MP40

The Crazy Bunny MP40 is extremely cool and legendary and features a Damage +, and its range ++, therefore the Crazy Bunny MP40 looks excellent and features a very dangerous mp40 gun skin which is that the Free Fire best mp40 and may be a very rare item.

#5 Ultimate Titan Scar

Ultimate Titan Scar may be a very rare item and it comes inside our Free Fire game of A2 years ago which is extremely rare and other people who have it are very lucky and a really powerful gun skin in Free Fire.

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