Get Free 2000 Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

Get Free 2000 Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

Get Free 2000 Character Voucher In Pubg Mobile

On November 15th, PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15 ended. Soon thereafter, the Royal Pass Season 16 released. Moreover, PUBG Mobile India was also announced a couple of days ago by PUBG Corporation. this may be a replacement version of the sport which can specifically be released for Indian players. Post ban, PUBG Corporation has cut ties with Tencent for Indian operations. Now, the corporate has taken the distribution of the sport in its own hands.

PUBG Mobile’s latest update brings the Metro Royale themed Royale Pass Season 16. Furthermore, the developers of the sport also announced their partnership with the Metro series of video games. This collaboration has gone accept the version 1.1 update of the sport . Moreover, the new update brings Metro Exodus themed features and events. Players can get their hands on amazing Metro Exodus themed skins by purchasing the Royale Pass. The PUBG Mobile Elite Pass costs 600 UC and therefore the Elite Pass Plus costs 1800 UC.

PUBG Royale Pass Season 16 Metro Exodus: what’s New?

The new Royale Pass Season 16 brings a replacement Metro Royale theme to the sport . The new Metro Royale interface is certainly something both PUBG and Metro series fans will totally dig. Moreover, the exciting update brings players Artyom and Anna outfits at level 1. Additionally, the drama set is out there at Level 100. Furthermore, players can obtain badges to proceed with the story mode of Metro further. this will be done by participating within the new Metro events.

Besides, players are going to be ready to collect supplies and redeem it for Colonel Miller also . The update also brings a replacement RP group event. This event lets players team with other members for a few extra rewards. Additionally, we will also see Royale Pass 16 bringing subscription perks. this enables players to redeem Ace Gold (AG) for Royale Pass (RP) points to form it easier for users to get items.

What more? Players can receive 10% RP points after activating the subscription. However, it’s important to notice that it’s limited to one activation. Moreover, players will receive extra RP points on their first subscription.

The update also changes the server selection function of the sport . Players could change their servers as per their preference till now. However, that has been removed now. the choice has been moved to the System settings menu now. Furthermore, once you modify the server to a different region, you would like to attend for 60 days to vary it again.

From the looks of it, this season of PUBG Mobile is certainly one among the simplest we’ve had. Moreover, we certainly do hope that the sport makes a comeback in India soon.

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